Volunteers were first introduced at the 1948 Olympics in London. With the harsh economic climate and post-war rationing still in place, the event quickly became known as the “austerity games”. There were no smart uniforms.

Just as in London 2012, thousands of volunteers had to be drafted in to help the European Championships run smoothly; they were known as Team 2018…

They deserve a medal

The organisers asked us to create a recognition medal to be gifted to all 4000 volunteers who gave their time during the 11 day event. The medal finished in contrasting matt and polished nickel plate was a great success, coveted by the volunteers as a keepsake of the Games.

Volunteer champion

Florence’s journey into volunteering began when a friend reached out to her during a particularly difficult period in her life. It was this experience and the selfless actions of her friend that gave Florence the determination to help and empower people who found themselves in similar situations… thanks Florence.