The Netball World Cup 2019 will be the 15th staging of the premier competition in international netball, contested every four years. The tournament will be held from 12-21 July at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.

Bullet passes, long-bomb shots, defensive leaps and aerial intercepts will all add to the drama of the Netball World Cup as 16 teams, including Commonwealth champions England, bid to reach the final and lift the trophy on Sunday 21st July.

Touch of Ginger was invited to design and supply the tournament medals along with the Player of the Tournament Trophy…

Netball World Cup 2019 Medal


Spatial awareness is crucial for goal shooters, who must learn how to free themselves from defenders and get into good position to increase their chances of scoring. A shooter will focus on a spot just above the hoop ring to ensure the ball drops through as cleanly as possible.

The hoop ring of a netball hoop has an internal diameter of just 38cm – not a big target for a ball that is 22.6cm across. When we looked at this critical size relationship of ball to hoop we felt this should be the inspiration for the medal design.

Netball World Cup 2019 Medal

Medal concept

The size relationship of ball to goal hoop is replicated here, with the emblem disc representing the ball at the centre of the Netball World Cup 2019 tournament medal.

We wanted to capture the moment the ball drops through the hoop and distorts the net when a goal is scored. The net is represented by a fretwork that lends a delicate jewellery quality to the medal.

Netball World Cup 2019 Medals


It is important that the medal is presented well. This medal is presented in a premium medal box, designed and developed by us to ensure the ribbon is tucked neatly out of sight. Each smart matte black foam lined box is block foiled with the Netball World Cup 2019 emblem in matched metallic colours – gold, silver and bronze.

Netball World Cup 2019 Rose Bowl

Player of the Tournament

There will be many stand out contenders competing for the Netball World Cup Player of the Tournament in Liverpool. We were asked to create a unique trophy that represented the pinnacle of elite level netball.

Our solution – a 40cm diameter rose bowel hand crafted in Sheffield from polished English pewter. The design features the same net relief of the medal debossed into the shallow dish with the emblem tournament at the centre.

Pewter marks are laser engraved into the rim representing the date, place of manufacture and pewter purity standards.

Netball World Cup 2019 Rose Bowl

Helen Housby

For years England sought a reliable goal attack to operate alongside goal shoot Jo Harten, and have found a gem in Housby.

She’s transformed the English attacking end with her accuracy from long range and calm demeanour in the pressure moments of tight games.

Housby is a real contender for this trophy…