Coronavirus is having a profound effect on all our lives. The Government advice is stay at home, save lives. NHS and front line workers however are putting their health and even their lives on the line everyday serving the nation…THEY DESERVE A MEDAL!

Touch of Ginger like most businesses has shut the doors, but we want to do something to help. As specialist designers of recognition gifting we know the importance of rewarding extraordinary acts of skill, courage and commitment. We have created three items that might just go some way in recognising the amazing job being done by front line workers on our behalf right now.

3 stages of courage

Courage to extend your craft
Courage to stand up for what’s right
Courage to do difficult things

‘There’s a courage that goes with the professionalism of nursing. It might be breaking bad news, it might be telling someone that there really is nothing left that can be done for them. Sometimes that courage comes from you doing it yourself rather than passing it on to somebody else.’

Coronavirus is testing the courage of NHS workers to the limit.

NHS Service Medal

The armed forces recognise outstanding achievement by the awarding of service medals; NHS staff are no less deserving in this battle for the nation’s health. We are proposing a stylish NHS Service Medal that is smart and dignified, that can be worn with pride and treasured for years to come.

Service with distinction

The polished silver medal features the NHS logo surrounded by a Coronavirus motif and a distinctive tri-coloured ribbon. We believe all NHS workers should receive this medal.

Service and bravery of an exceptional meritorious level can be further recognised by the addition of a ribbon bar and personalised engraving.

In addition, a special medal version could be awarded to NHS Nightingale hospital staff who will be severely tested in the coming weeks.


Touch of Ginger is looking at ways to communicate the idea of an NHS Service Medal. We are contacting Government ministers and MPs, we are writing to NHS officials and we have even written to the Palace for support.

Our hope is that we can launch the programme and have the medals funded by the sale of a special ‘Clap for Carers’ pin badge that can be purchased by the general public through supermarket chains.

These designs are visual concepts, NHS and HM Government logos are for illustrative purposes only.