Over the past six months, teams from universities across the country have been competing in the inaugural British University Esports Championship (BUEC). Each team represented their university in tournaments across several popular esports games earning points for their university based on finishing position.

The University of Warwick are the 2018/2019 champions, the first to hold the Esports University of the Year title and the first to hold the BUEC Trophy. Touch of Ginger created the trophy design with esports in mind…

BUEC Trophy Man

Trophy concept

The multi-faceted matte grey monolith is machined from a solid billet of aluminium, lending the trophy a stealth-like quality.

We included a gold stripe along the length of the body and continued the motif by floating the BUEC Trophy above a base styled after a first place podium.

BUEC Trophy Woman

Supporting Young Talent

We’re proud to be supporting the next generation of British esports talent. We have been a continued partner of the NSE BUEC having also produced their Winter Championship Medals.

All photography is courtesy of Charlotte Peers of CharlottesArtz.