The 2019 World Para Swimming Allianz Championships took place in London 9-12 September. It was a key qualifier for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and was the 9th edition in the Worlds.

The event was hosted at the stunning London Aquatics Centre, one of the iconic features of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Great Britain achieved second place in the medal table behind Italy, with Russia in third place.

Orbital ring concept

The circular medal design was informed by the World Para emblem that features across the front face. The logo design includes an inset graphic of a swimmer which changes according to the para event. We wanted to create a medal that could be reconfigured for future World Para competitions by a simple change to the inset graphic establishing design consistency.

But the really distinctive creative element is the orbital ring which connects the medal to the ribbon. The overall image of the medal is inspired by radiating ripples on the surface of water.

At 70mm diameter, 10mm thick and weighing over 125g, this is a substantial medal for world champions.


A requirement of the brief from the organisers was that the medal should display the World Para Swimming logo on the rear face, along with the equivalent written in braille for those athletes with limited vision.