In our world, there’s no room for the average or the mundane.  We help businesses connect with their VIP clients by creating products that are relevant and compelling. And because we have worked with some of the world’s most demanding businesses you can be sure the integrity of your brand is safe with us.

The narrative of the story is all important to us. We can’t propose gifting solutions without first understanding your business and your values. Next we need to know the background of your marketing activation; the ‘soft’ aspirational objectives of the project and the message you are wishing to send your client. Only when we have a clear profile of your target audience and the context of the gift can we discuss the ‘hard’ objectives; budget, quantities and timeframes.

So we start with the premise that what you are looking for probably doesn’t exist.  If it did you will have found it already, so our task is to map the journey to a unique set of solutions…

Consult / Create / Procure / Deliver



The first meeting over a coffee is always a great moment; it’s when all things are possible. Building understanding and trust is our first goal so you know that when we leave the room you can relax and know your project is in safe hands. We will have grasped the objectives and agreed the next steps.

The consultation process continues throughout the project so that you will always stay informed of progress. In return you are able to refocus the brief at a moment’s notice. We understand design is not a linear exercise so we can react to new information and change direction.



The creative process starts with the first conversation. But we get really animated when we know enough about your brand and your marketing strategy to begin the design process. And the more informed we are about a brand the better; solutions will be more targeted and inventive.  And don’t be concerned about too many constraints; we need to know the boundaries so we can help redefine them. Shaping the brief with the client is how we achieve our best results.

We are a creatively focussed business from the top down. This means we offer the full spectrum of skills and tools of a modern design agency capable of developing new products from concept sketch to production. Data integrity is ensured using the latest 3d CAD SolidWorks programmes that generate compelling visuals and animations to assist clear decision making. The same data is used to drive CNC machining centres for prototyping and toolmaking ensuring accurate and rapid product development.



In order to stay ahead of the curve we attend trade fairs around the world looking for new materials, the latest processes and good ideas wherever they arise. Above all, we are seeking the best supply partners that can deliver services reliably and at the highest quality. The integrity of our supply chain is vital for us to deliver the service our clients demand.

Our sophisticated and fully audited supply chain is set up to deliver a vast array of products which means we can handle large and complex merchandising programmes for sporting events such as London 2012, Glasgow Commonwealth Games and England 2015. These global events feature sophisticated sponsorship tiers and layered dual branding. We are expert at delivering exceptional merchandise under uniquely pressured conditions.



We pride ourselves on our customer service and we absolutely understand the importance of delivering a quality product on time.  The nature of our business is fast moving so good communication between our team and the client is vital. You will find that when you work with us you engage a dedicated team that will connect with your organisation at every level throughout the process.