A corporate gift that is genuinely useful is good for business; the recipient is likely to use it more often and for longer whilst raising brand awareness by association. Arguably products don’t come much handier than a 17 function multi tool.

The Ironman Multi Tool packs all this functionality into a package no bigger than a credit card so it can travel with you wherever you go. Stamped from tough stainless steel and available in a range of finishes, Ironman looks pretty cool too.

Handy in a crisis (especially exhibitions)

We like the Ironman so much we can use it as a promotional tool (forgive the pun). Packed into a slim wallet with a hidden magnetic closure, the Ironman has a real premium look and feel. This one we use for exhibitions, it’s gold plated with a smart tan leather look pack. We brand both sides with out contact details; it really is the ultimate multi function business card.

Touch of Ginger iron man - 400 x 400

Plate it or paint it

We can supply the Ironman bright chrome plated or black as standard. If you want yours in a pantone matched colour, no problem, subject to miminum quantities. In fact we can supply a completely bespoke Ironman with unique tools for that special activation, just let us know what you want it to do and we’ll adapt the design to suit.


If you prefer, we can supply the Ironman in our standard stealthy matt black finish for a strongly automotive or survival look.