Our enduring range of Wallet Tools is an innovative design that just keeps giving. Over the years we have pioneered a broad range of fun and functional tools each from a slim wafer of stainless steel the size of a credit card; it puts your brand message into important wallets everywhere. Choose from a funky bottle opener, tough spanner, cool plectrums or cunning emergency cufflinks and shirt accessories. Our fish and chips tool is so British, the bookmark so bookish and the lock picks are barely legal!

Why stainless steel? This is a hard premium metal with an attractive natural finish that can be polished, brushed or grained. There’s no plating or painting required so the look and feel is both raw and ‘engineered’.  We exploit different grades of steel for specific tasks; magnetic, hard , soft and food grades all of which are recycled and recyclable.  If you like shiny cool gadgets with attitude (most men do), look no further.


We love a challenge. If you are looking for a product that exudes quality and a certain Britishness, we’ll probably have a tool for you; if not we’ll create one. The etching process requires photo tooling from artwork which means unique Wallet Tools can be created quickly with minimal set up cost. This is a precision engineered product capable of fantastic subtlety of detail on surface etching and through piercing that can resemble jewelry. Your logo will be incised into the steel not surface printed to enhance the brand image.


The gift wrapping is almost as important as the gift so when it comes to packaging Wallet Tools we offer a range of solutions to suit any budget.