As a group of thinking, energetic and social beings – on a good day, anyway – our team is always hungry for the next challenge. We can’t design in a vacuum but act on real world information such as a detailed brief and a clear understanding of your aspirations. But we must also be persistent in challenging the brief and if necessary help reshape it with you.

Every day we need to be original, sceptical, inquisitive   –   in a word, creative. To harness the benefits of creativity the team needs to retain a sense of humour, think outside the box and challenge convention in order to deliver ideas that are innovative and relevant.

Welcome to our small but perfectly formed creative team…


Adam & Gary

Meet the directors and owners of the business; two more dedicated and enthusiastic designers you are unlikely to come across. This is good news in a world of sameness. Just because we are creatives doesn’t mean to say we are not commercially savvy; we are all about solutions that stack up financially for everyone.

Both Adam and Gary honed their skills as freelance designers working within the Cambridge technology community. This accounts for their passion for new materials, finishes and manufacturing processes. Combine this knowledge with a cunning eye for detail, a dash of humour and some flagrant lateral thinking, this unique partnership guarantees to generate products that stand out in a crowd.


Jane & Jamie

‘Strike me pink’…this is one of Jane’s favourite sayings and we usually knows what she means. Like most Aussies she has a ‘Kangaroo loose in the top paddock’ making her very friendly and easy to work with. But don’t be deceived, she’s focussed, incredibly experienced and totally professional with it. All of which means you can absolutely trust Jane with your account….‘Bonzer’- that’s brilliant to you and me.

Janes trusty sales support partner Jamie is a fully qualified geneticist. Armed with a forensic mind, he loves facts and figures and will research the heck out of the market on your behalf…all part of the service.


Mel & Andrea

Mel will progress your order from start to finish; she is the glue that holds the whole procurement show together. Amongst a host of other vital details she will always know where your project is in the production cycle and when it will be delivered…very reassuring.

Andrea, along with Millie her short haired Jack Russell terrier, provides general administration and back office support. She is dead cute and will do anything for attention…Millie that is.


Carol & Malcolm

Carol is a first class amateur fencer (which means she’s lethal with a foil, not a fence post). She knows her lunge from her flunge and how to make a passata sotto. Good job we’re all good friends then. So any questions on finance, Carol is here to help.

Every business needs a financial guru; someone to provide good financial direction and who constantly reminds us why we are in business. That’s Malcolm. We call him the Big Man for obvious reasons.

Marley & Me

That’s Marley, named after Bob the reggae legend, he’s a Staffy Cross and soft as butter. Xaghra on the other hand is sharp as a tack and very chatty with it. To be honest Xaghra is a real problem; no one can spell her name and she is so noisy! The good news is she is great at processing orders smoothly and is an all-round top plate spinner.


Every company needs a genius tech wizard to keep the whole show running…we have Robert.  As you can see Robert turned up to have his picture taken without his favourite sock puppet so like the consummate IT pro, he improvises with his bare hands; it’s just smoke and mirrors but he knows the show must go on.